All the layers of sediment
watch from the hills;
a reel of sandy tape,
rusting red in the ever-steady sun.

The same life dramas played out
eon after eon, predator and prey,
predator and prey..

stretching back to lives lived
without skeletons or spines
livers or eyes.

Only now do the hills
record new dramas;
predator and prey
and jury duty,

Our town is built of sandstone.


marit said...

fucking bad ass patrick, bad ass.

but can I make one suggestion?

"stretching back to lives lived
without skeletons or spines
livers or eyes."

but maybe that's just how i'd do it ;)

Patrick Justus Anderson said...

Yeah, I like that better. I miss having people around to fucking fix my shit!

marit said...

I know what you mean. I miss that too.

Kay said...

Oh my god, what a powerful write! This is fabulous!

Taylor Kong Boomer said...

powerful word flow.

Elizena said...

Enjoyed reading this and it was indeed quite powerful.
Sometimes I wonder which we are; are we the predators or the prey. Most of the time I feel like the prey.

Thanks so much for sharing; have a blessed weekend!